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When hunting for a party rentals in Charlotte NC to use for your next big event, you definitely want to use a company that stands out. Though you may not immediately know what makes them stand out, doing research before booking is very important. Here are some very important questions to ask when in search of a great party rentals in Charlotte, NC or even around the country!

What selection of rentals do they have? A company that has a wide selection of rentals most likely is more established than companies with a limited amount of rentals. They may have choices such as tent rentals, tables and chairs, several choices of inflatables, concession rentals, generator rentals, game rentals, and many more options. If you are on the hunt for a great party rentals company and even if you know what you are looking for, make sure to take a look at the entire selection offered by the company. This will be great insight to grasp how established this company is.

Are the products of this party rentals company high quality? Usually, pictures are a great informant when gaining knowledge about a company and their products. Although most companies have great pictures on their website, it is also important to check out the social media pages for each company. Companies that actively use their social media accounts are more than likely to have great pictures from different events on those pages. They will have posts from different events, their products in use, and even customer reviews. At Charlotte Party Rentals we make an effort to post pictures of our events in order to give our current and future clients the best idea of how we run our business. This will be extremely helpful when choosing which company has the best quality products for your event.

Does this company have insurance? Most of the time, clients are unaware how valuable insurance can be when planning an event. Although everyone hopes for a safe and sound party, accidents happen, and when they do, clients should be protected. Most companies do not directly acknowledge on their website whether or not they have insurance. This is when it is important for the potential clients to ask the right questions. Many party rental companies have an email address provided on their website. At Charlotte Party Rentals we have this directly on our “contact us” page. New clients that are not familiar with us can easily send us a direct email that we receive immediately and reply as quickly as possible. Many new clients will ask for our insurance information, which we happily supply them with. This makes decision making very easy and stress free for the customers.

While there are many other obvious questions such as pricing or availability when it comes to renting party equipment, these more in depth questions are not always obvious to the average renter. It is very important to get all the facts when planning an event to ensure quality and safety for any product you are renting from a company. Whether you are looking for party rentals in Charlotte, NC, or anywhere around the country, it is necessary to ask all of the right questions to guarantee your event will be top notch and satisfying to you and all of your party guests!

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