Fall Festival Planning Tips

Fall Festival Planning Tips


 Fall Festival Planning




Fall Festivals are becoming a popular alternative to Halloween celebrations. These festivals are especially common for schools and churches because they are fun and inclusive events for people of all ages and belief systems. Organizing a Fall Festival can feel like a daunting task because they tend to be fairly large and require a lot of planning. The good news, however, is that with some organization and pre-planning, you are sure to create a Fall Festival everyone will be talking about all year! Here are some Fall Festival planning tips from Charlotte Party Rentals:


  1. Create An Action Plan


All successful events have one thing in common- organization! Before you jump right into choosing food and decorations, take the time to sit down with your planning committee to discuss the objectives of your event. You could also hire a professional company to help you plan your event. Charlotte Party Rentals offers full service festival planning.


When you begin planning the first thing you need to decide is when and where you want to hold the festival. You will also need to decide if your festival will act as a fundraiser or simply be for fun. You can then choose a theme for your event and create a budget for all expenditures. This theme can be as simple or elaborate as you like, but will help you with planning your games and decorations.


  1. Plan The Event


Now that you have the basics down for your Fall Festival, you can move on to the specifics of the day. Decide what games and food go best with your event theme. For example, you could make your Fall Festival carnival-themed with simple food, face painting, and carnival games. If you go with a carnival theme you will probably need to either rent or buy some of the games and stock up on prizes. Charlotte Party Rentals can supply tents, tables and chairs, plus games, bounce houses, rides, photo booths and much more.


You will also need to decide how many volunteers will be required to run the event. Volunteers will be needed for set-up, tear-down and running the event. You might also need help putting up fliers for promotion.


  1. Promote Your Fall Festival


The last step to planning the perfect Fall Festival is to make sure people know about it. Create a flier to distribute. Put up a banner. If you want to include the public you could also take out an ad in your local paper or on your local radio or TV station. You can also create yard signs that people can take to help get the word out.


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