Why Charlotte Party Rentals?

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We focus on creating stress free events that make you look like an event planning superhero!We have developed a large following of raving fans by following some very basic business practices. We believe that when you take great care of a customer, they will come back again and again. It has worked for us and we guarantee you will see the difference when you work with us. We ensure events are fun, safe and memorable by sticking to seven core practices:

  • Safety
  • Cleanliness
  • Reliability
  • Quality products
  • Outstanding service
  • Affordable prices
  • Easy rental process

Charlotte Party Rentals serves businesses, schools, churches and non-profit organizations within a 150-mile radius of Charlotte, N.C.


Charlotte Photo Booth Rentals

Charlotte Photo Booth Rentals

Charlotte Photo booth rentals



A photo booth is a fun addition to almost any event. From weddings to birthday parties to corporate retreats, people of all ages will have a blast. Plus, photo booths create the perfect keepsakes to remember the fun had by all on that special day. Charlotte Party Rentals has a Photo King Photo Booth available for rental for your next event! Here’s why renting a photo booth from Charlotte Party Rentals is your best choice:


  1. The Photo King Photo Booth Has A Lot To Offer


The Photo King Photo Booth from Charlotte Party Rentals is the best choice for creating the ultimate stress-free and memorable event. This is because our photo booth is high-tech and ready to create a lot of great memories for your guests. It has touch screen technology with a built-in 32 Mega Pixel camera and high-speed printer. It also comes with a curtain and contains enough room for 2-3 guests to take photos at a time. Plus, you can choose to have your photo taken with old time or modern day features. You can also print your photos in either full color, black and white, or send it via video messaging. No matter what style is best suited to your event or your guest’s preferences, our Photo King Photo Booth can deliver.


  1. The Photo King Photo Booth Is Affordable


Renting a photo booth from Charlotte Party Rentals is more affordable than you would think. You can rent the Photo King for 2 hours for just $500. Then each additional hour is only $145 each. For less than the cost of hiring a professional event photographer you can let your guests take their own pictures and create their own memories. You can even have props available to make the photos even more special.


Be sure to call Charlotte Party Rentals today today for your Photo Booth rentals for your next event!


Fall Tent Rentals

Fall Tent Rentals


Wedding tent rental charlotte NCThe fall is a popular time of year for weddings and other outdoor events thanks to the beautiful fall colors and cooler days. However, the fall is also a time of year with unpredictable weather. That’s why tent rentals are the perfect choice for your fall outdoor event. Charlotte Party Rentals can provide tents for events of all sizes so that no matter what the weather is, your guests will be perfectly protected from the elements.


The first step to take when searching for a tent rental in Charlotte, NC is to know what you need. Make sure you have a good idea of how many guests are expected because there are many different sized tents to choose from. You will also need to decide whether or not you need to rent tables and chairs too.


The goal of Charlotte Party Rentals is to create the ultimate stress-free event experience for you and your guests. That’s why we offer a variety of great tent rental packages that include enough tables and chairs to fit comfortably in your tent. We also help you cut costs by including delivery and set up fees in all tent rental packages. Fall tent rental packages at Charlotte Party Rentals include the following:


  • Package One: 20 x 20 tent with 6, 6-foot tables and 36 chairs
  • Package Two: 20 x 30 tent with 8, 6-foot tables and 48 chairs
  • Package Three: 20 x 40 tent with 10, 6-foot tables and 60 chairs


Call Charlotte Party Rentals today for pricing information and to check availability for your fall wedding or event.


It is important to note that many companies charge extra fees for set up and delivery. If you are price checking with multiple tent rental companies in Charlotte, you will want to make sure the price you see includes all fees for delivery and setup. Finding a great tent rental for your fall event doesn’t have to be hard. Set up an appointment with a Charlotte Party Rentals professional today to start planning your fall event today!