Dry Slide Rentals are great for party entertainment

Dry Slide Rentals are great for party entertainment

Dry Slide Rentals Charlotte, NC

Nearly everyone who has thrown a party in Charlotte has probably considered renting inflatable party supplies such as dry slide rentals. These inflatables are great for kids to jump on during the party. These innovative party ideas keep the kids entertained and occupied while adults socialize and meet other people during the event.

Choosing Party Slides over Bounce house

A most common question when it comes to inflatable party rentals is which one to choose: bounce houses or party slides. Bounce houses are great and kids surely have a lot of fun. But do they keep the kids occupied during the entire party? In all likeliness, they won’t. So, why not consider renting something that is more eye-catching and bigger, such as party slides. Bet it wet or dry slide rentals, these innovative party supplies will keep your kid engaged throughout the event.

What are dry slide rentals?

Dry slides are just another form of party slides which provide hours of fun and excitement to all the riders. An inflatable dry slide is generally good for all age groups, be it children, teenagers or even adults, everyone can enjoy the thrill of sliding down inflatable dry slide rentals. As the riders go down the slide, their adrenaline starts to pump and they enjoy a thrilling and suspenseful experience. You should make sure that your kids experience the excitement that these tall inflatable slides have to offer.

Dry slides are truly unique and they come in different shapes, sizes and colors. The variation of dry slide rentals leaves you with a lot of options. These slides are inflatable and come in different sizes. So, they can be used in your backyard and indoors as well.

Water and Dry Slides

These slides are perfect alternatives to water slides. When the usage of water is not appropriate for the event, dry slide rentals come to the rescue. Water slides are not meant for all kinds of events, whereas dry slides fit perfectly with most of the events. Also, water slides are only good enough during the summer. On the other hand, dry slides can be used any time of the year.

Rent a quality slide

When you are considering renting a dry slide in Charlotte for your next event, make sure that you rent a inflatable slide from Charlotte Party Rentals. You must make sure that the dry slide rentals are safe for your kids.  We only carry commercial grade slides that are inspected yearly by the State.



Everything you need to know about bounce house rentals

Bounce house rentals Charlotte NC

Everything you need to know about bounce house rentals

Visit any kid’s birthday party in Charlotte NC and you will witness the newest trend for entertainment in a birthday party or any other event for that matter. This newest form of entertainment comes in the form of bounce house rentals. This inflatable bounce house is popular as party jumper, water slide, inflatable moon bounce or moonwalk.

What is bounce house rentals?

Bounce house comes in bright color and is quite cheap to rent. They also come in different shapes, such as castles, slides, houses, etc. These sewn vinyl party supplies are filled with constant stream of cold air. Kids keep jumping on it and stay entertained for hours.

Not only kids, bounce house rentals are quite popular among grownups in Charlotte as well. Along with keeping the children occupied, they also provide the parents with the much-needed break to help them socialize with guests. Parties or events involving bounce house are generally held in front yards or backyards, depending on the season and area. They can also be held indoors, local parks and recreations.

Safety is the primary concern

Probably the key factor while renting a bounce house or any other inflatable forms of recreational party items is safety. If the bounce house is being used by kids, this factor becomes all the more important. Any good party rental company provides insurance with bounce house rentals. Just to be sure it is completely safe, you should go and see the bounce house yourself before renting it.

You may also want to check and see if it is clean or whether it possesses any danger of even a substantial injury. If the party supply provider is not reliable, they would not take appropriate care of the supplies, which could endanger the overall safety.


For several people, the rates of bounce house rentals are the biggest concern. While you shouldn’t pay more than you have to, you should also never sacrifice on the quality or safety. Most bounce party rental companies have a fixed rate for the entire event, which includes setting up and breaking down. To find a company, you can search the internet and ask for references from family and friends. If you shop around a bit, you will surely find affordably priced bounce house.

Other things to be taken into consideration

Before you get yourself bounce house rentals, other things you might want to consider include the number of kids invited to the event and their ages. If there is a baby or small kid visiting, you would consider renting small jumper houses.


Fall Festival Planning Tips

Fall Festival Planning Tips


 Fall Festival Planning




Fall Festivals are becoming a popular alternative to Halloween celebrations. These festivals are especially common for schools and churches because they are fun and inclusive events for people of all ages and belief systems. Organizing a Fall Festival can feel like a daunting task because they tend to be fairly large and require a lot of planning. The good news, however, is that with some organization and pre-planning, you are sure to create a Fall Festival everyone will be talking about all year! Here are some Fall Festival planning tips from Charlotte Party Rentals:


  1. Create An Action Plan


All successful events have one thing in common- organization! Before you jump right into choosing food and decorations, take the time to sit down with your planning committee to discuss the objectives of your event. You could also hire a professional company to help you plan your event. Charlotte Party Rentals offers full service festival planning.


When you begin planning the first thing you need to decide is when and where you want to hold the festival. You will also need to decide if your festival will act as a fundraiser or simply be for fun. You can then choose a theme for your event and create a budget for all expenditures. This theme can be as simple or elaborate as you like, but will help you with planning your games and decorations.


  1. Plan The Event


Now that you have the basics down for your Fall Festival, you can move on to the specifics of the day. Decide what games and food go best with your event theme. For example, you could make your Fall Festival carnival-themed with simple food, face painting, and carnival games. If you go with a carnival theme you will probably need to either rent or buy some of the games and stock up on prizes. Charlotte Party Rentals can supply tents, tables and chairs, plus games, bounce houses, rides, photo booths and much more.


You will also need to decide how many volunteers will be required to run the event. Volunteers will be needed for set-up, tear-down and running the event. You might also need help putting up fliers for promotion.


  1. Promote Your Fall Festival


The last step to planning the perfect Fall Festival is to make sure people know about it. Create a flier to distribute. Put up a banner. If you want to include the public you could also take out an ad in your local paper or on your local radio or TV station. You can also create yard signs that people can take to help get the word out.



Writing Reviews for Bounce House Rentals in Charlotte, NC

The Importance of Writing Reviews
for Bounce House Rentals in Charlotte, NC     

Charlotte Bounce House ReveiwsThrowing an event that includes bounce houses can be crazy. At Charlotte Party Rentals we do our best to make that situation as easy for the customer as possible. In order to do so, we do all of the set up for the equipment as well as the take down. Our customers do not have to lift a finger when getting bounce house rentals in Charlotte, NC.

Because we work so hard to create a stress-free party planning experience, we ask all of our customers to write reviews or give stars on Google for our company. It is important for us as a company to get feedback on the work we do. We like to know if we have made any errors so we can correct them and make our business better as well as make the customers happier.

Once your event is finished and you have had the time to clean up and relax, think about how you felt about your service for bounce house rentals in Charlotte, NC. Did the company do a good job setting up? Was the company helpful? Did they answer any questions you had? Was the company on time? These are all questions that you may think about when reviewing your service.

The next step is going online and writing the review. It is important to include exactly how you felt about the service and any errors that were made by the company when writing about your bounce house rentals in Charlotte, NC. This goes for any company you may be writing reviews about. Although many people write reviews to show other customers what they are getting, they may not realize they are actually giving a lot of feedback to the company as well.

Some people may not feel comfortable writing reviews that are going to be posted on the companies website or on Google. If you’re one of those customers, do not be afraid to send an email or call the company directly in order to give them feedback. Having the opinions of past customers is what can allow companies to be successful. It allows them to thrive and grow and overall change their ways to benefit the customers.

It is important for every company to take advice from any feedback they are getting about their service. Getting reviews is the best way for businesses to make beneficial changes. If you are a paying customer, you have every right to post your review or contact a company with feedback. It is very important to take advantage of this for the sake of the customer and the business.


Steps to Successful Party Rentals in Charlotte, NC


There are plenty of ways to throw a party or event. What is most important when preparing for your next gathering is to have all of your ducks in a row. The first step is figuring out what kind of party rentals in Charlotte, NC you will need.

There are so many services you may need to plan a stress free party. From caters to decorators and everything in between. When planning an event, it is extremely important to book ahead. A lot of businesses that service parties need a notice in order to get you on the schedule. When researching party rentals in Charlotte, NC it is important to consider how big the city really is. There are so many people who live in this city and there is no doubt people are planning events. Booking ahead reserves your spot and allows the customer to stay stress free. This is extremely important, specifically when renting bounce houses in Charlotte, NC.

From the perspective of Charlotte Party Rentals, we believe it’s very important to think ahead. Though we accommodate parties of all kind, when it planned ahead, you will be guaranteed your rental. It often comes up that last minute rentals may not always be available for the date and time of the event. First and foremost make sure your event date is set before making calls when renting equipment. It is important to us at Charlotte Party Rentals to be able to give the customer accurate information on what bounce house or party rentals in Charlotte, NC are available for the dates requested.

Once your dates are set make sure you have an idea of what you want to rent. At Charlotte Party Rentals we have several different rental choices. If you can give your sales representative an idea of what you are looking for or if you have done your research ahead of time, it will be much easier for them to let you know what is available. Many rental companies have all of their products up on their website. Do you research prior to inquiring about what is available so you can have options for your event in the case something you wanted is already booked!

The last step is booking! Once you have discussed with a sales representative what is available and received your quote for the event, do not waste time. Book your event as soon as possible and be sure to reserve the equipment. Always keep tabs with the company as needed to prepare for your event. This way, you will always be satisfied in the end! Allow Charlotte Party Rentals to take care of the rest. We set up, arrange, and pick up all of our equipment. You do not have to lift a finger! Though the planning process may seem stressful, it doesn’t have to be. Just do your research, plan ahead and we will do the rest. Charlotte Party Rentals aims to allow our customers the stress free party planning experience.


Water Slide Rentals in Charlotte, NC

Water Slide Rentals in Charlotte, NC

water slide rentals charlotte nc

Are you looking for a way to cool off while still enjoying the summer? Do you have a birthday party planned in the hot summer sun? If you, you should be looking up water slide rentals in Charlotte, NC! There is nothing more entertaining than a water slide at a summer function. Keep the kids happy and even enjoy the equipment yourself!

Splash your way into all of the water slide rentals in Charlotte, NC that Charlotte Party Rentals has to offer. We have plenty of options to make your next outside bash the best in the neighborhood. Are you looking for a dual lane to race your friends to the bottom? We have several dual lane slides that will turn your next party into a competition! Looking for a larger slide to accommodate adults and children? We have a massive 22ft slide to please party guests of all ages! For our little friends, we even have a “Lil Splash” 14ft smaller slide! There is no age limit for fun and at Charlotte Party Rentals our goal is to accommodate people of all ages!

Those choices are just the few of what we have to offer at Charlotte Party Rentals. We have a wide selection of different water slide rentals in Charlotte, NC that will appeal to any gathering you may be having. Slides that have twists and turns, slides that are straight down, and even themed slides such as our luau themed “Big Kahuna” slide. We make sure to have pictures of everything we have to offer on our website under our “rentals and services” section! Just click on “water slides” and you’ll be sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Are you throwing an adult only party? One of our most popular rentals at Charlotte Party Rentals is our slip-n-slide. You may wonder why this pairs with adult themed parties, well, have you heard of slip and flip or slip cup? Gather two teams together and compete in one of the most fun activities of the summer. Slip down our 33 foot long slip-n-slide and to the table where you drink a cup of alcohol of your choice and then have to play “flip cup”. Once the cup is flipped, the next player on the team slips down and continues the game. Need a better understanding of the game? Check out slip-n-flip in Charlotte, NC.

Endless fun comes from water slides, slip-n-slides, and parties of all types! At Charlotte Party Rentals we have the perfect additions to cool down your summer event. As summer winds down, don’t miss an opportunity to book one of these water slide rentals in Charlotte, NC!



Tent Rentals in Charlotte, NC

Hunting for Tent Rentals in Charlotte, NC

tent rentals Charlotte, NC

Never let the weather make or break your event. Charlotte Party Rentals is the perfect place for tent rentals in Charlotte, NC. Rain or shine, tents will provide the perfect coverage for your next outdoor event. Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, or graduation party, it’s important to have a tent for your guests.


When searching for tent rentals in Charlotte, NC it is important to know exactly what you are looking for when beginning your hunt. Make sure you have an idea of the size you need to accommodate your guests. Many companies that provide tent rentals in Charlotte, NC offer many different sizes to choose from.


Another important step to take when searching for tent rentals in Charlotte, NC is deciding if you will need tables and chairs to go along with your tent. At Charlotte Party Rentals we offer great tent packages with enough tables and chairs to fit the tent comfortably! Not only do these packages include a large tent, tables, and chairs, but they also include delivery and set up. The tent packages we offer at Charlotte Party Rentals are the 20×20 tent package. This includes the 20×20 tent, 36 chairs, and 6 of our six-foot tables. We also have the 20×30 tent package. This includes the 20×30 tent, 48 chairs, and 8 of our 6-foot tables. Finally, we have our 20×40 tent package. This includes the 20×40 tent, 60 chairs, and 10 of our 6-foot tables. All of these, as previously stated, include delivery, set up, and take down. Which makes them quite the bargain. Check out how to find tent rentals in Charlotte, NC here on our website for pricing and more information!


Many companies that provide tent rentals in Charlotte, NC will charge for the delivery and set up. Make sure to check prior to renting so you are aware of the fees that will be charged! Renters often do not take the time to check out what the pricing of delivery is before booking. Most websites will have it posted, however, it may not be right up front and noticeable. At Charlotte Party Rentals, we make sure to acknowledge this charge for tents, tables, and chairs, on each page so all of our clients are aware of extra charges before booking with us.


Overall, finding tent rentals in Charlotte, NC doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a few simple questions to ask, but as long as the customer is aware of what they are looking for and when, coming to Charlotte Party Rentals for your tent will make it a breeze!



The Best Bounce House Rentals in Charlotte, NC

Where are the Best Bounce House Rentals in Charlotte NC?

Bounce house rentals Charlotte NC

Finding the best party rental company is never easy.  So when planning an event you may ask yourself “where do I get a bounce house rental in Charlotte, NC?”  Charlotte Party Rentals has all of the answers for you.  They are right here.  Charlotte Party Rentals has always been providing the highest quality bounce house rentals Charlotte, NC

With our wide selections of bounce houses, slides, water slides, and even different games or concessions, you won’t be questioning “where do I get the best bounce house rentals in Charlotte, NC” anymore.  The decision will definitely be an easy one.


The Best Bounce House Rentals | Charlotte NC

If you’re looking for a bounce house rental  Charlotte, NC that has different combinations such as slides, hoops, or obstacles, we have it all.  From the smallest parties to the largest gatherings, we have inflatables that will fit any need big or small!  Our selections range from small, simple, and standard bounce houses to large, intense, and crazy obstacle courses.  


What makes it even easier is that we make sure to include pictures of all of our products on our website.  This allows all of our past and future customers to see exactly what they will be renting before they rent it.  It’s safe to say a majority of our customers renting bounce houses in Charlotte, NC have been very please with their rentals as well as their service.  It is very important to know exactly what the options are first hand and make a decision that will please you and all of your party guests.

What makes this even better? Charlotte Party Rentals has many different themes to choose from for your event!  All of our bounce houses and banner slides have the option of adding a theme.  That way, you can make your party an even bigger success.  Though we do have a standard primary color themed bouncer for the standard events, our themes including Ninja Turtles, Princesses, and Circus are always a big hit for a fun birthday party or church event.  
There reasons are endless when it comes to choosing Charlotte Party Rentals as your go-to for bounce house rental in Charlotte, NC. First, we are your ultimate stress free party planning experience.  There’s nothing like a stress free event!  Although most events are never going to be that easy, let us help make yours just a little bit simpler.  Make it easier on yourself and call us.  Remember the next time you ask yourself “where do I get bounce house rentals Charlotte, NC?” the answer is very simple: Charlotte Party Rentals.  


Picking the Best Party Rentals in Charlotte, NC!

Are you looking for party rentals in Charlotte NC?

party rentals charlotte nc

When hunting for a party rentals in Charlotte NC to use for your next big event, you definitely want to use a company that stands out. Though you may not immediately know what makes them stand out, doing research before booking is very important. Here are some very important questions to ask when in search of a great party rentals in Charlotte, NC or even around the country!

What selection of rentals do they have? A company that has a wide selection of rentals most likely is more established than companies with a limited amount of rentals. They may have choices such as tent rentals, tables and chairs, several choices of inflatables, concession rentals, generator rentals, game rentals, and many more options. If you are on the hunt for a great party rentals company and even if you know what you are looking for, make sure to take a look at the entire selection offered by the company. This will be great insight to grasp how established this company is.

Are the products of this party rentals company high quality? Usually, pictures are a great informant when gaining knowledge about a company and their products. Although most companies have great pictures on their website, it is also important to check out the social media pages for each company. Companies that actively use their social media accounts are more than likely to have great pictures from different events on those pages. They will have posts from different events, their products in use, and even customer reviews. At Charlotte Party Rentals we make an effort to post pictures of our events in order to give our current and future clients the best idea of how we run our business. This will be extremely helpful when choosing which company has the best quality products for your event.

Does this company have insurance? Most of the time, clients are unaware how valuable insurance can be when planning an event. Although everyone hopes for a safe and sound party, accidents happen, and when they do, clients should be protected. Most companies do not directly acknowledge on their website whether or not they have insurance. This is when it is important for the potential clients to ask the right questions. Many party rental companies have an email address provided on their website. At Charlotte Party Rentals we have this directly on our “contact us” page. New clients that are not familiar with us can easily send us a direct email that we receive immediately and reply as quickly as possible. Many new clients will ask for our insurance information, which we happily supply them with. This makes decision making very easy and stress free for the customers.

While there are many other obvious questions such as pricing or availability when it comes to renting party equipment, these more in depth questions are not always obvious to the average renter. It is very important to get all the facts when planning an event to ensure quality and safety for any product you are renting from a company. Whether you are looking for party rentals in Charlotte, NC, or anywhere around the country, it is necessary to ask all of the right questions to guarantee your event will be top notch and satisfying to you and all of your party guests!

#1 For Party Rentals in Charlotte NC

Contact the experts at Charlotte Party Rentals today for all of your party planning needs!


Big Day At The Lake 2016


This Saturday, July 23rd, Charlotte Party Rentals will be at one of the greatest events of the summer! This will be the 12th annual Big Day at the Lake celebration with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Each year Lake Norman area residents and businesses get together for a fun day on the lake with children who normally are unable to experience this type of outdoor gathering.

All different businesses in the area help to make this event the most special day for these children. There are also volunteer, “boat hosts” to provide access to the lake for the children and allow them to participate in fun lake activities! “Bigs” and “Littles” spend the morning exploring the lake and the afternoon enjoying a picnic and fun games.

If you have not heard of the program Big Brothers Big Sisters, it is a beneficial program where children who are in need of positive role models are paired with adult volunteers. These volunteers provide lasting positive impressions on these children to lead them into successful futures. Through over 100 years these one-on-one relationships that are built through this program have changed the lives of many children throughout our nation. The big provides everything from schoolwork help to recreational activity motivation. The big and little’s bond to form a lasting relationship that directly impact the future for the children while also leaving the adult with a realization of the changes they have to impact the next generation.

Charlotte Party Rentals will be providing some of our best inventory for this event. We have some of our most popular inflatables and games donated to this event in order to provide everlasting memories for these children. Although a lot of our company rentals come from our large selection of bounce houses, for this event, we are donating a large obstacle course, slip and slide, basketball shoot, and our world of sports interactive inflatable. There’s no doubt these children will have smiles on their faces from the moment they get to the lake until the moment they fall asleep that night.

We anticipate a warm day for this event, which is why we made sure to provide the slip and slide to cool off along with other inflatables to keep the party going. This event will be one to remember for all of those involved and we are so happy to help make this a special day for everyone. While achieving success within a business is always an amazing goal, achieving happiness of those we provide service to is the ultimate achievement.